Dr. John (French Quarter Fest 2014) Featured

It was a complete honor to be selected as the poster artist for the 2014 French Quarter Festival. The numbers are staggering in regards to economic impact of this festival on the City of New Orleans. over 700,000 people were in attendance this year.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen through the competitive selection process and create a poster that was well received by Fest goers. I always try to study the subject of each piece so I can add personal touches that add something about their character to the piece. One of my favorite Dr. John songs is "Such A Night" (Sweet confusion under the Moonlight) The Crescent moon is to pay tribute to that song and also the Crescent City. In addition Dr. John is also known  by some as "The Nite Tripper" and he dresses as an Indian. These are contributing elements to his persona that I wanted to add to give the piece a personal touch that true Dr. John fans would appreciate. There are also some hidden insights into my life as well in this piece...

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