Varion Laurent, artist of the official 2014 French Quarter Festival poster, was kind enough to answer a few questions from McGehee Middle School students and Hawker staff  in a recent email interview. The 2014 FQF poster  is of legendary New Orleans musician Dr.John. Mr. Laurent’s obvious passion for the city of New Orleans and amazing artistic talents make him the perfect choice for this honor......

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Portrait of N.O.'s oldest living musician unveiled


A portrait of trumpet player Lionel Ferbos, New Orleans' oldest living musician, was unveiled tonight during the French Quarter Festival.

Ferbos approached artist Varion Laurent about possibly painting a portrait of him after he saw Laurent's work on the 2010 Satchmo Summer Festival poster, Laurent said...

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New Orleans: Back From the Breach, Parts 1-3


I had basically seventeen years of art that I had stockpiled and was not sharing prior to Katrina…Losing seventeen years worth of work and having almost lost the city, I think for me that led to a big metamorphosis in myself as an artist....

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Artist Spotlight: Varion Laurent


Our culture couldn't exist without its many talented artists. And IntheNOLA.com was privileged to chat with a very gifted, homegrown artist (painter), Varion Laurent...

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The Many Faces of Marie Laveu: Celebrating a True New Orleans Icon


...Varion Laurent, when asked about the importance of creating a piece for this event said, “Marie Laveau represents to me really what this city is all about. The pervasiveness, the mysterious, the dynamic nature that embodies her and this city makes it impossible for her to exist anywhere else…she’s commonly mischaracterized because of voodoo...

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Gentilly Fest celebrates and supports the rebuilding of still-recovering neighborhood


Like a lovesick man, artist Varion Laurent has it bad for New Orleans. Despite Hurricane Katrina washing away the 31-year-old's life's work, he is determined to stand by the city's side.

"Everyone's had one of those relationships where you love a woman who doesn't always necessarily treat you so good, but there's nothing else like her loving," said Laurent, who didn't pick up a paint brush for two years following the floods that swamped his house in the Sugar Hill neighborhood. "To me, New Orleans is that lady.".....

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