(36x48 acrylic on canvas)

It was a complete Joy to paint this piece entitled 'Golden'. After doing the painting for the 10th anniversary Satchmo Summer Fest I had the opportunity to finally sit with Mr Ferbos and talk to him, I'd met him prior to this encounter but it was at the press conference where we finally had time to talk.

After seeing my Painting of Louis Armstrong, He told me how much he liked it and asked if I could paint one of him. That was probably one of the most flattering and humbling moments in my career as an artist. For someone as Iconic as Mr. Ferbos To give me his blessing to paint him completely blew me away. So this is the piece I did for him and presented to him at the Palm Court just this past Saturday 4-9-11.

It was truly a great experience and couldn't have been for a more deserving person in Mr. Ferbos!!

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